You may be living with missing teeth or an uncomfortable set of dentures because you thought that you could not afford dental implants. In fact, a dental implant in Reading, Pennsylvania, may be more cost-effective than having a root canal. Dr. Wardius explains:

“Aside from the toxic concern, patients are always coming into our office with failed, re-infected root canaled teeth that need to be extracted and have the infection cleaned out. Many patients come in with their crown in their hand because the root canal weakened the tooth, causing it to eventually break. The only solution for these patients is a dental implant. We always feel bad because the patient has already spent so much money on the root canal, post and crown, all wasted money. It is always best and most cost-effective to have a tooth needing a root canal extracted and an implant placed. Long term, there is no comparison in price! The implant lasts longer than anything we can do in dentistry.”

Implants and All-on-4 restorations are not so much products as they are services provided by Dr. Wardius. The cost of your implants includes:

  • Your initial consultation: Dr. Wardius will assess your teeth and overall health.
  • Surgery: Dr. Wardius will place the titanium screw that will hold your temporary crown.
  • 2-Week post-op visit: This follow-up visit takes place two weeks folloiwng your procedure to ensure that you are healing well.
  • Your 3-month visit: You will have another follow-up visit after the implants have fused with your jawbone. Dr. Wardius will check your progress and prepare you for your permanent restorations.
  • Anesthetic: Dr. Wardius will have a member of the Professional Anesthesia of North America present during your surgery, and you can learn more about our options for sleep dentistry here.
  • Bone graft: If needed, Dr. Wardius can place a bone graft and your dental implant in the same visit.

Dr. Wardius offers convenient financial options and can restore your smile in a single visit. Call to schedule your appointment for your free consultation at Life Changing Dental Center.